Exterior House Painting Factors to Consider

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Exterior house painting projects are some of the best ways to improve your home’s curb appeal.  Curb Appeal Pros will work with you to help you decide the best paints and process to make this the best painting job you can get.  We want you to be completely satisfied with the house exterior painting once the work is finished.

What are Some Advantages of an Exterior House Painting with Curb Appeal Pros?

As professional house painters, you will get our 3-year craftsmanship warranty.  We will help you choose the best quality paint manufacturer for your paint job so that it will last the longest for your situation. 

Then you will have a quality lasting paint that will not only endure Florida’s weather but beautify your home.

These are some of the advantages of working with Curb Appeal Pros that should cause you to want us to be your exterior house painter.

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Curb Appeal Improvement

The aesthetic appeal of your home is a strong consideration factor in its value. The visual allure of the property and the way it complements its immediate environment is the element you have control over.

Barrier to Termite and Insect Damage

Many people are unaware that painting a home’s exterior can have functional benefits alongside aesthetic ones.

One of these is exclusive to wood-based properties that may be susceptible to damage from termites or other insects, meaning potentially expensive structural repairs. Applying a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in stopping an infestation.

Inclement Weather Protection - Siding Lifespan Improvement

Climatic conditions in many places often yield harsh weather conditions. Exterior painting creates a protective shield.

The house paint on your siding typically has a 5-year lifespan before you begin to see signs of wear. The constant weather changes of heat and rain and wind cause wear and tear can reduce this life span. When the house exterior is painted you renew the protection as well as the aesthetic appeal.

Health Benefits

Many people are unaware of the psychological benefits of house painting. Since the brain associates color with feelings or energy, it becomes possible to take advantage of them here. For example, a fresh white coat of paint will bring a sense of calm, cleanliness, and spaciousness. Causing you to feel more relaxed and proud of you new beautiful exterior paint job. 

Factors to Consider for House Painting Cost Estimates

First you must consider the size of the house, the condition of the surface to be painted, and the type of paint you chose to paint the house with. 

The square foot measurement and the condition or preparation work will be the largest factors in the equation. 


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The company you choose will also be a part of the exterior house painting cost. Small house painters usually offer lower prices than larger companies. But because they are bigger doesn’t mean you will get a better paint job that is why it is so important you ask the right question during the estimation phase of the project.

Curb Appeal Pros offers you a great competitive price with comparable quality painting companies.  You will get more quality with us than what you pay for.  Going with a lesser competitive offer from our experience is not going to give you the quality or satisfaction of a finished job that you will be happy with.

What Does the Process Look Like When Getting Residential House Painting Services?

Bear in mind that each exterior house painter will have a defined process that may or may not exactly match the one highlighted here. Nevertheless, these steps form a good reference point for what you may see.

Exterior Painting Estimate

Many exterior house painting companies will offer free estimates to help you understand what charges you may be looking at, which will often dictate if you proceed with the project or not.

At this stage, an estimator is sent to your home to gather the relevant project details.  You will then receive an estimate of cost, the timeline, and a schedule of activities.

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What Questions Should You Ask Exterior Painters?

Some of the questions to ask an exterior painter are:

  • What kind of warranty is available on finished jobs?

  • What brands of paint will you be using?

  • How much experience do you have in painting?

  • Is it possible to see some of your previous work?

  • What kind of buildings do you specialize in?

The Bottom Line

Exterior painting has many advantages such as increasing curb appeal and providing a measure of protection against inclement weather.

It’s the most notable change you can do to a home to immediately cause its curb appeal in the area and value of the home to increase.  

Let us give you a free estimate and ask about our experience with houses like yours.  We have painted 100’s of homes and with 100’s of satisfied homeowners and our guarantee is that you will be another one. 

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