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Professional House Painting in Clearwater Florida

We are licensed to paint houses in Pinellas county, Hillsborough county, and the Tampa Bay area.

Experts say that you should have the exterior of your home painted about every five years. The timeline may vary based on the material that your exterior is made of, the local weather, and your location.

For house painting in Clearwater, Florida, Curb Appeal Pros and other professionals recommend every five years. If you have had pleasant weather and rain.  But with the heat in Florida watch your exterior paint closely as you should not wait until you need to paint a house with serious peeling and chipping but painting should be on regular intervals to avoid damage to the infrastructure of the home.  

You need a professional company like Curb Appeal Pros to take care of your painting needs.

There are lots of reasons that regular painting from a professional painter is such an important part of maintenance for your home and here is why.

Why Is Exterior House Painting Important?

It gives your home an added layer of protection. Harsh weather and other elements can penetrate your walls, causing damage to your architecture.

An exterior painting company could give your siding a fresh coat of paint. This will extend the life of your outside walls. It protects your siding from sun and wind.

If you have cracks in your current exterior paint, ice and snow could find their way into your house’s structure. Then, you could end up with rotting, dampness, and mold. Fresh exterior paint stops these problems before it happens.

Painting Gives Your House Personality

You can choose an exterior painting that fits your style or the style of your home. It could be a color that represents the location the home is in or even its age. You want something aesthetically pleasing that will “wow” both potential buyers and the people that walk by, giving that curb appeal.

So in searching for exterior house painters near me you will find us as your best painting company in Clearwater. 

Why Is Interior House Painting Important?

In the same way that exterior paint helps boost the value of your home, so does interior house painting. Having us do the interior painting gives owner a feeling of accomplishment and enjoyment in the home.

With a potential buyer a sense that the home is well cared for. You may even get a higher price than what you are asking.

Fresh Interior Paint Improves Your Mood

Hiring us as your professional painter is an inexpensive way for home improvement compared to many other alternatives. It will also be well worth its value for creating a more beautiful place to live.

If you have not painted your home recently and you have an older color scheme, you may no longer like the way it looks. So your looking for a more modern fresh look to your house. Particularly if you work from home, it is important to enjoy the space where you work so that you can be most productive.

A new look gives you that proud feeling and more relaxed. It will boost your energy. Plus, we offer our clients as a professional painting service  sound advice if you are unsure what colors to go with.

Painting Protects Your Clearwater Home

Fresh paint is a great way to prevent damage from occurring on the inside and outside of the walls. Typically, the materials that make up interior walls absorb moisture naturally. A good house painting contractor will help you select the right paints for a particular area of your home.

If this happens for a long period, your home’s structure can be in danger. Not only that, but the inside walls could be a place for mold to grow, which is harmful to your health.

Fresh paint from our residential painting team will seal out moisture.

Why Hire a Professional Painting Company?

While it may seem like something simple that you could do yourself, you are much better off hiring a professional painter to get the job done right. The biggest benefit that results from our help as a professional is the quality you get in the end you get our 3 year Craftsmanship warranty. 

To get a beautiful, nice, clean look requires preparation and experience. Not only that, but you will get a finished product that will be more long-lasting too.

You may need more than just a paintbrush to get it done correctly. It may require that you remove the old paint, sandpaper rough patches, fill in holes, and mask furnishings and fixtures so that they do not end up with splashes of paint. Let our professional team of painters get the job done right for you. 

Curb Appeal Pros LLC

Painting houses in Clearwater to stay safe

If you try painting on your own, you risk harmful fumes that will hurt your family and your pets. As a professional painting company we will take the right precautions to keep everyone safe.

The physical parts of painting can put you at risk too, such as using ladders to paint high areas. We will use harnesses and scaffolds as part of the job we do.

Professional Painting Equipment

There are professional pieces of equipment that are required, while a typical homeowner in most cases does not have these items in their homes and are hard to setup to do the painting correctly. So why go to the expense and only use them once every 5 years?

Items like these include tools, such as:

  • Paint sprayers
  • Pipe painters
  • Scaffolding
  • Specialty rollers

This is to name a few and give you an idea of painting tools required.  So to get the painting job completed efficiently and correctly, on the interior or exterior, it is best to leave it to us the professionals.

Save time when you paint your house

You are busy, with life’s responsibilities, whether it be work, kids, pets, and other home maintenance needs. When you have free time, you want to enjoy it, rather than work more.

When you hire us as your professional painter, you are giving yourself back time to enjoy and relax after a long week of responsibilities.

Looking for house painting  in Clearwater, Florida

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For the best professional house painting in Clearwater, Florida, call Curb Appeal Pros, LLC.

We know that trust is everything and there are the right ways of doing things. We will make your dreams come true. 

And if your are looking for house painting near me give us give us a call.

We paint houses and paint businesses throughout all Clearwater and Pinellas county including: Clearwater Beach, Island Estates, Northwood Estates, Del Oro Groves, Seville, Old Clearwater Bay, Oaks of Northwood, Coachman Ridge, Sand Key, and all areas. Search Clearwater painting company Curb Appeal Pros.

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