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Outstanding Workmanship From a Commercial Painting Contractor

Getting commercial painting contractors in to give your business a fresh coat of paint can make a huge visual impact and provide important protection from the elements.

  • Expertise and proper equipment
  • Commercial-grade paints
  • Efficient and timely work
  • Thorough surface prep
  • Protection of surfaces
  • Flawless finishes
  • Convenient and affordable
Commercial Painting contractor in Pinellas County, Florida

Exterior Commercial Painting

When we take on an exterior painting project, you can rely on our team to completely transform the look of your building.

To start, we thoroughly wash the exterior surfaces to be painted using power washers. This removes any loose or flaking existing paint, dirt, dust, or grime. Taking this important prep step allows the new paint to adhere properly for maximum durability.

We also take time to make any necessary repairs by caulking cracks, replacing rotten wood, fixing siding, and more.

Priming comes next. This essential step seals the surface while also enhancing the paint’s ability to bond tightly. We use high-quality commercial-grade primers and allow proper drying time before painting.

For large expanses of exterior walls, we use sprayers to apply primer efficiently and evenly across the entire area.

Paint Application

When it comes time for painting, we again use top-notch exterior paints that stand up to weathering, sun exposure, and moisture. Applications are done section by section using rollers and sprayers, followed by edge work by hand with angled brushes.

Our team pays close attention to technique. Proper application without drips, runs, or uneven coverage results in a clean, consistent painted finish.

Fresh exterior paint provides invaluable weatherproofing, protecting your building from water damage, peeling paint issues, or cracked surfaces. It also deters termites, resists mold growth, and prevents rusting or corrosion on railings, doors, or fixtures.

In addition to physical protection, a new paint job totally transforms the aesthetic appeal of your business. You can choose bold colors or subtle hues, completely changing your curbside presence.

Frequent repainting keeps your exterior looking its best year after year.

Professional Interior painting

Interior Commercial Painting

For interior painting, similar prep work is performed to ensure every surface to be painted is clean, dry, and properly primed. Walls are painted by hand using high-quality paints that dry to a smooth finish.

For doors, trim, and cabinets, oil-based paints are applied for a hard-wearing, ultra-smooth surface. Painter tape, drop cloths, and careful brushwork result in crisp, clean paint lines with no drips or splatters.

New interior paint brings numerous benefits to commercial spaces. It allows you to refresh your office environment, retail displays, lobby areas, and more.

Paint can conceal scuffs or stains, cover dated wallpaper, or completely transform the color scheme. Bright whites make spaces feel clean and open, while bold accent walls can catch the eye.

Our team helps select appealing hues to achieve the atmosphere you want.

High-Traffic Areas

For high-traffic areas like hallways or waiting rooms, we recommend durable cabinet-grade paints that stand up to repeated cleaning. Doors and trim get a protective coat of oil-based enamel for a strong, scratch-resistant finish.

New paint gives the entire interior a cohesive, pulled-together look. It shows customers and employees that you invest in your facilities.

By repainting your business’ interior and exterior surfaces every few years, you maintain your facilities in top shape. Our commercial painting team handles every step from prep work to flawless finish coats.

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With commercial-grade products, specialized equipment, and application techniques, our expert painters in Pinellas County will deliver long-lasting paint jobs you can rely on.

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